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Rex Machines Group was the only Brazilian company to have complete participation at the fair Wire Düsseldorf 2012, in Germany, exposing its full range of company products. The fair provided a platform for networking, collecting practical information and solutions from industry experts. This event demonstrated the latest products, technology and machinery for production and processing of wires and fasteners.

METALBO - Quality of life for our employees

Metalbo aims health and well-being of its employees so we adopted the project called " workplace exercise". But what does the word workplace exercise mean? workplace exercise means the performance of physical exercises at the workplace during work hours to promote the health of employees, to avoid repetitive strain injuries and occupational illnesses. Facing daily difficulties demands organization and energy. The human body must be healthy to react to situations that cause great physical and mental burnout. The existence of good practices with care in relation to the body is essential because this attitude directly affects the quality of life.

"The greatest wealth of a company lies in its employees and that is why METALBO cares for its wealth."


Rex Máquinas e Equipmentos LTDA announced that in August 2009 it has started a new phase in its history, starting to use the brand Metalbo on its products in the segment of fasteners. This change has occurred due to strategic decisions that have made our company enter new markets, such as manufacturing and marketing of screws. We would like to state that it is worth noting that this change does not affect the company's management, nor alter our commitment to quality and clients.


Are two words that summarize Rex machines group's success since its founding in the mid-1950s by Mr. Gerhardt Boewing. Since then, the company has been using an investment policy, culminating in a solid company with more than 596 direct employees producing fasteners, industrial furnaces and providing high technology in metal processing. A family business that does not depend on foreign investors and generates safety for its employees, customers and suppliers due to its expertise in managing.