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Rex Machines began its activities in 1948 as Rex Mechanical Workshop, located in the city of Braço do Trombudo. In the 60s, we started our activities in manufacturing machinery and equipment for the cassava industry. In the 70s, the business partner Gerhardt Böving, encouraged by the Sales Representative named Lauro Stüpp, started the manufacturing of screws. In the mid-80s, Rex Group split its activities into Machinery and screws, leaving to the business partner Gerhardt the administration of industrial machinery and equipment activities. Aware of the evolution and development of the metal mechanic sector, Rex Machinery & Equipment Ltda founded a subsidiary company in the city of Trombudo Central, aiming the manufacturing of fasteners, nuts exclusively.

Since the beginning, Rex machines was determined to grow through reinvestment of profits, always looking for new markets and working with the concern for technology and quality. In 2009, Rex machines, began a new phase in its history, starting to use the brand “Metalbo” on their products in the segment of fasteners. Everything happened due to strategic decisions to enter new markets. Manufacturing nuts and bolts internationally, we adopted a strong investment policy to ensure the continued growth and competitiveness of our company. We are constantly expanding our industrial park, improving its structure and technology. So, we have become one of the most important manufacturers of the sector and made our products known throughout the country and worldwide.

The implementation of continuous improvements in processes, working conditions and qualification of our professionals aim the quality of our products and services and customer satisfaction. With over 50 years of history, we are honored to be part of the history of Brazilian industry.